Girl child creativity is a project designed to mitigate under-representation and unbalanced participation of young female writers/poets in areas of creative writing ,literature,literacy and poetry perfomances development. It further enhances the ability of the girlchild to develop herself mentally. The motto is freedom of mental media air waves for community development , a creative nation is a developed nation.


Mbizo Chirasha /Girl child Creativity /producer/coordinator
is an internationally acclaimed performance poet, writer, and creative projects facilitator and live literature producer. He was the poet-in-residence: from 2001-2004 for the Iranian embassy/UN dialogue among civilizations project; the United Nations Information Center - 2001-2008;  In 2003 Mbizo was the New Generation Poetry Delegate at The Goternborg Internatonal Book Fair, Nordic African Institute Writers Seminar, Swedish Writers Union reading night in Sweden. He was an artist in resident in the Atelier Alexandra Art School in Egypt 2006. He was the  Convener/Event Consultant THIS IS AFRICA POETRY NIGHT 2004 - 2006; official performance poet Zimbabwe International Travel Expo in 2007, He is a regular guest performing poet at the Zimbabwe international Book Fair, Harare International festival of the Arts, Zimbabwe German Society various programs.
He was the poet in residence at the international conference of African culture and development/ ICACD Ghana November 2009; and official Poet SADC Poetry Festival, NAMIBIA September 2009. A delegate to the UNESCO photo novel writing project in Tanzania, Mbizo is the Official poet in residence for the ISOLA/ international conference of oral literature 2010 in Kenya. In 2010  Mbizo participated as a guest performance poet at the Harare International Protest Arts Festival, Ukhubambana Youth for Peace Festival, Patsimeredu Buddyz Festival. The poet was instrumental in the celebration of the Black History Month for February 2011 organized by the Zimbabwe Poets for Human Rights and the United State Embassy Harare’s Public Affairs Department.  Mbizo worked with Mustle Africa project as readership culture and l iteracy development facilitator in 2006.Mbizo was the guest poet hosted by the united states embassy in harare  at  the international day of poetry.mbizo founded a number of arts/literacy development intiatives , he is published in more than 50 literary , cultural journals , anthologies and university presses around the world

PRIMROSE DZENGA-Advisor/facilitator

primrose is both a perfomances poet , writer , creative writing facilitator, she is well known as a banker , accmplished young author of Auxillia chimusoro  tribute through poetry and other genres , she is well published in various magazines and anthologies around the world , one of her well written anthology is published by salmon publishers in Ireland , she has graced important book fair ,Dzenga is a motivator.

AGNES GUDZA- Press Launch Moderator
-a veteran broadcaster, film maker , public relations and documentations facilitator
have been with ZBC for nearly a decade , have done a number of adverts , promos , for crickert  teams , cooperate organizations as well as artistic and diplomatic institutions , she is the present Girl  child Creativity  press point person.

Rebbecca , zeggler Mano-workshop participation Advisor
-Aveteran USA education Advisor , well in zimbabwean schools and universities , promoted the
exchange of zimbabwe and anerican education , advised the founders of the project on  the selection of the workshop participants and have been supportive to the proceedings of  activities

Rtendo Tapiwa’s Bio-Workshops facilitator
Rtendo Tapiwa joins this GirlChildCreativity project as one of the chief facilitators. She is a performing and literary artist whose presence on the Zimbabwean arts scene has been felt since 2005 when she was still a student at the University of Zimbabwe. She is a holder of a bachelor’s degree Honors in Theatre Arts, 2007. She is passionate about the empowerment of women and this is borne testimony by her contribution to the Zimbabwe Women's Writers Association's Totanga Patsva, an anthology of short stories dealing with the issue of HIV/AIDS to which she authored the story, Taemurwa. The book has gone on to win several awards.

She is also an acclaimed actress who has received a NAMA nomination in the Outstanding Theater Actress category (2006) for her performance in the play The Frog Queen. She is currently a member of the cast of the highly acclaimed and much publicized production by Rooftop Promotions, Rituals.

Rtendo is also a poet of note who has of recent serenaded guests at the Africa Day celebrations hosted by the Tanzanian embassy in Harare. She was part of the poetry group, Black Diamond which is made up of the internationally recognised poets, Tinashe "Mutumwapavi" Muchuri, Nqobile Malinga and herself. She was also part of US Ambassador’s New generation poets for The Black History Month Commemorations in February 2011. She is an active member of Zimbabwe Poets for Human Rights and features on the Pamberi Trust’s Sistaz Open Mic Sessions

Rtendo is also making waves on the theatre scene in directorial shoes since taking up the post of resident director within the arts organisation Complete Arts Project founded and headed by Peter Churu. Her long term goal is to have a production house that focuses on women and women issues and it is in line with this vision that she involves herself with the arts and any projects that deal with women and/ advocate for women empowerment.

 Eve Nyemba-guest reader/poet/girlchild creativity motivator

Eve, Nyemba is a Lecturer, Writer and Poet.  She has a Masters of Science Degree in International Relations and a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Politics and Administration. She teaches Diplomacy, Contemporary Political Theory, Politics in Developing Societies and International Relations at the University of Zimbabwe. An accomplished Researcher, Eve is passionate about empowering women and children to fight against poverty and oppression.  In 2010, she published her story, When God Changed His Mind in the book, Women Writing Resistance which had 33 stories and poems from 33 women from Africa. The book was published by The University of Wisconsin Press Limited in the United States of America.  Eve published her poetry collection, Look Within with Kalliope Paperbacks in Germany in 2008. Her short story, Light A Candle was the cover title for the book, Light A Candle published by HIVOs, National AIDS Council and Zimbabwe Women Writers in 2006. Her poetry has also been published in the Zimbabwe Women Writers Newsletter and the Moto Magazine. She regularly performs poetry at the Book Café as well as at functions in Harare, Zimbabwe.
Cynthia FlowChild Marangwanda-Guest poet/workshop facilitator

I'm Cynthia 'Flowchyld' Marangwanda,a female spoken-word poet,writer
and film student in her mid-20s.I started performing poetry in March
2008 at the Book Cafe although I had been writing stories and poetry
since I was very young.My greatest influence is my grandfather,John
Marangwanda.He was a pioneering Shona novelist in Zimbabwe and i
believe he passed on the writing gene to me.The themes I deal with in
my spoken-word include identity,spirituality,afrocentricity,social
consciousness,the state of modern humanity,urban
life,struggle,feminism from an african woman's perspective,the
politics of being and the individual in relation to the universal.I
try to incorporate elements of hip-hop into my spoken-word.I have
performed at such places as HIFA Poetry Cafe,House of Hunger Poetry
Slam,16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Shows,International
Images Film Festival,SADC Poetry Festival Namibia and a lot of other
different places.My passion is to empower,liberate and elevate girls
and women through my spoken-word poetry and to be the poetic voice of
my generation
BLACK HEAT DESHANTI/guest poet/workshop facilitator


Blackheat deShanti is a poetess who was born in 1986 in a small mining town called Zvishavane, Zimbabwe which is about 500km from the capital city of Harare.
Growing up, she excelled in academia, sport and art. She went on to pursue a career in the sciences, graduating in 2009 with Honours in Food Science and Technology and a major in Analytical Biochemistry.
She started writing poetry when she was 8 and then started performing in June 2006 after she met renowned Zimbabwean poet, Chirikure Chirikure, who introduced her to the rudiments of slam poetry at The Book Café, in Harare. After that, there was no stopping her. Speaking passionately on consciousness, love, revolution, culture and the delicate, iritical balance of the mind and soul, individuality and freedom, she was soon on the biggest poetry platform at The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) in May 2007.
From there came the poetry show, X-rated, with DJ Munya Milimo, who was then at Power FM in June 2007 through o August 2008. This show which was a live show, fused instruments such as the djembe, mbira and acoustic guitar generated quite a lot of interest in Southern Africa and had garnered quite a large following. It also explored the poetics of hip-hop by showcasing underground rappers and conscious hip-hop artists. During the same year, she took place in the Southern African Artists Against AIDS Festival (SAAF), which brought together artists from all over Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Lesotho.
Several other high-profile shows followed, with performances at The Alliance Francaise, Gallery Delta, 7 Arts Theatre, The Mannenburg, CUT Theatre Club Poetry Nights amongst venues in and out of Harare. She has performed together, most recently at HIFA once more in 2011, with Pitika Ntuli (South Africa), Qabaniso Malewezi (Malawi), Morten Sondergaard (Denmark), Ngwatilo Mawiyoo (Kenya), TJ Dema (Botswana), Quaye Kojo (Ghana) and Mbizo Chirasha (Zimbabwe).
Locally she has done extensive work with Mashoko/ Magamba (Comrade Fatso, Outspoken, Upmost), and The Toyi-Toyi Arts Collective ( G.O.D., Zaza, Cush, 45) as well as The Zimbabwe Poets for Human Rights, (ZPHR: Mabwe Mwnakomana, Shoes Lambada, Ronald Jongwe). She also took part in The African Drums Book and Poetry Tour which was curated by controversial Zimbabwean poet, Mbizo Chirasha.
She is also an actress, having done her last major theatre production at The 7 Arts Theatre in June 2007, titled June, the Stone Cold Season. Apart from all this, she is also a designer and musician who plays the piano, keyboard, mbira and the recorder. She also writes short stories and plays although the bulk of her work is unpublished.
Thando Sibanda./Content editor

 I love to write and interact with people. I am a motivational speaker and published author of non-fiction. I also love to work with young people all over the world. I have a non- profit organisation I run in Johannesburg, South Africa. Its main focus is to help young people discover their identity, make healthy choices and live a life of abstinence till marriage. I am excited to be a contributor to this platform.Thando has worked as an organizing manager for young writers caravan and as an event coordinator for This IS africa poetry  and African Drums poetry festival , Thando writes for HELLO harare , a community and business outlet .he is also a perfomances poet.

 Barbra Anderson aka Breezy
 is bucking the trend with mouth-watering and blazing poetry performances and is already causing waves within Zimbabwe’s small but vibrant poetic circles despite the fact that she started performing in 2009.

The beauty of her poetry is in the selection of her words which sparkle with thought-provoking narratives and politically conscious imagery. In effect, the power of her lyrical expression simply defies her diminutive physical stature.

In an interview with NewsDay, Breezy revealed that chromatic and auditory stimuli inspire her to compose poetic verses.

“I am inspired by sound and colour, by my feelings, my emotions, my experiences and my observations,” she said.

“I want to reach a whole new dimension where I can encompass all the dynamics of life, where my words can touch and change lives. Words are power and the rightful use of them can ensure change and well-being. I want to be able to proudly identify with my poetry and have others also identify and be inspired by the words.”

She said that what she tries to convey through her poetry is that the genre is about the beauty of creation hence the careful selection of words in her verses.

Breezy added that she is passionately concerned about issues to do with freedom of thought and expression and always aims to tackle them through her compositions.

“I believe in self-expression and in free thought, I believe in using whatever medium, be it paint, spray paint, music or the spoken word to express oneself. Each and everyone must try to attain an aspect of freedom. I am inspired by hip-hop and punk and their emphasis on free thought, on rebellion and on expression.”she also the coordinator of the project ,Poetry and ----,A project that fuse poetry ,blues , reggae and rap music.
Rumbidzai Mafukidze-Workshop facilitator
motivating young woman , studying sciences at the University of Bindura , keen interest in the arts and the importance of education in  the lives of girl children , She is a member of SAYWHAT at the university , she will be  giving a motivation class during the workshops on the importance of education and creativity.