Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Belle of Words- Janet Nkiwane!- Special blog.

As the first rays of dawn lick the dusty streets of Makokoba township
Noise already fills the atmosphere
Stench from the blocked sewers fills the air
As i stand on the veranda of my match box home,
Clad in a thread bare attire, with an empty stomach
I look over the horizon
The rising sun rejuvenates my inner being
In the midst of poverty
I still stand my head held up high
Though my inner being has withered
My zeal to live has departed
I still stand
I stand against the obstacles in my path
All of these my determined self shall bravely brush away
Like a phoenix I will rise from the ashes
Fly away so high
Dance in the air like a bird
For I have chosen freedom
In the midst of poverty Education is my priority
Education shall wash away my poverty
It shall be a shield that once attained, will forever
Shield my hide from the scorching rays of the sun
From the storms and hunger
That awaits to devour my inner being
I shall stand against poverty
And you my fellow Brother
Climb a hill at daybreak and look on
As the first rays of the sun lick the ground
As it rises over the horizon
You know there is still hope
Just fly high
Like an eagle and stand against it all – BY Jane Nkiwane

 Meet the Wordsmith

Jane Nkiwane is a young writer   , who is passionate of poetry, rugby  and chess. She likes playing around with words. Jane resides in Bulawayo, the second Capital of Zimbabwe. Her poem Phoenix brings a touching message of complexities of life especially to the young people. She gives a symbolic example of life in one of the oldest suburbs of Makokoba. Jane will be also a contributor of Poets for Water journal that will be published next week in ClimateDiariesofAfrica, She is a member and contributor to the 100 Thousand Poets for Peace-Zimbabwe.


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