Wednesday, 9 November 2016

16 Days of Activism 2016 with Tanaka Bandera!

Editorial note- While we are in the month of November, the month that is believed as the sacred month  by many  of the African Descent. We also advocate for the stop and end in Gender Based Violence mostly known as GBV in Zimbabwe. GirlChildCreativity publishes a poem by Tanaka Bandera titled MY TIME IS UP Tanaka is  a Theatre and Arts Student at the Midlands State University. The poem is pregnant with emotion as young poet stands her  ground  in unmasking the chauvinistic  behaviour  of the  other gender. The poet declares   militantly in some of her verses that   enough is enough. We continue to give young girls space and voice as we also continue to organize  literary events that  continue to put the aspirations of girls and young women in the forefront.
We also  take this opportunity to thank  the GBV Africa Network  for assisting us with the kit    for advocacy  and information during the 16 days of Activism  which starts  every 25th of November to 10 December every year. We are going to  have  events   in various locations  of Zimbabwe. Thumbs up to  Hope Harriet and team!

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You hit me like l am a punching bag
You treat me like a rag
You cheat me…
All you do is ill-treating me.

My time is up
Its not like l am giving up, enough is enough
The tears that l have cried are enough
l have tried to make this work
…you are a jerk
You are making things worse.

You think life without you in the map is  impossible
You are wrong…because l am going to fill the gap and make it possible
You are a beast
Our kids see you as a monster
You never showed them love even just once.

You run away from your responsibilities as a father
That is why you think showing love to your family is not valuable
There are no possibilities that you are going to change
Its getting serious
Life with you is dolorous
l am walking away
Please…don’t get into my way
You are an alley cat
Deep down in your heart
You know you have caused me so much hurt
Its never too late …to start afresh…my time is up.

Meet  the Poet -Tanaka Melenia Bandera was born on 5 February 1996 at Dangamvura Poly Clinic in Mutare.She is the third born in a family of four.She did part of her primary education at Alaska primary school in Chinhoyi and attended ZPS primary school in Harare were she completed her primary education.For her high school education she attended Roosevelt Girls High School and Avenues High School.She is currently studying  Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies Honours Degree at Midlands State University.

Contact Tanaka Bandera  on emails,
             Her FB is Tanaka Bandera.


  1. Young girls continue to speak out through their poetry , stories and activities.

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