Friday, 27 May 2011

Girl Child Creativity June Press Release


Girl child creativity is an  initiative that is founded by an
international performance s poet /writer, Mbizo Chirasha , the scope
is of young  females in the creative industry to workshop , exchange
and engage each other in matters of developing literacy , literature
exchange , creative writing , performance poetry  and others , the
first project which is of motivational workshop will a thorough
engagement of young writers in school  with new generation female
poets coming together with female arts journalists in workshop ,
reading and writing session as a way of motivating each other.

The program will commence in June with a press conference that will
see experts in media , girl child development , culture and literature
  interrogating matters that do with the development of girl child
creativity. A number readings , musical interludes and a discussion
will take place , the producer of the motivational project will read
and describe and also define the proceedings of the event and web blog
of the June project will be unveiled.

On the 15th -16th of June the Chiedza Child care centre will host a
motivational workshop on poetry and creative writing , new generation
poets like Rutendo Tapiwa , Cynthia Marangwadnda , black heat  and
Barbara breezy will facilitate and lead writers sessions for the young
girls. The project will end with a prize giving day t Chiedza centre
and a  Food for thought seminar at the Us embassy public affairs.

The producers of the project  thank those  who pledged  to support
the prize giving ceremony and the proceedings of the event  with
deepest gratitude ,the  supporters include ,The us embassy  public
affairs through its Head ,Sharon-Dudson-Dean for books and the
development of the program, GIRL CHILD NETWORK , ZIMBABWE ,Muzvare
Betty Makoni , for her pledge to the prizes of the best poem and her
ability to market further  the project to her international
networking,the new ambassador hotel through its Managing director,
Garry Webbstock,the Spar Athienitis , through its PR  manager  ,
Primrose Dzenga , an author and poet with a pledge for books  and
other advocates of Girl child development that include Elizabeth
Mazhandu and Ruth Bikwa.
The motto  giving is catching young girls young in talent realization
and self definition.

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