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The girl child creativity June activity was divided into 3 categories that included  the press and launch conference of the initiative , the motivational workshops and the food for thought seminar in the name of MOTIVATING GIRLS IN CREATIVITY. All these activities included a number of participants who have the passion in the development of girl child creativity.


-the 9th of June 2011 saw the  launch of the   Girl child creativity to the Zimbabwean press that included , girl child activists  , artists , poets , writers and arts female reporters and presenters inclusive of Shamiso Yikoniko from the Sunday mail , nyasha musarara from Zbc , there was also Simbarashe Manhango from Alpha holdings , as wellas Trevor Makonyonga from Zimbojam.On the day Agnes Gudza , who is the Press point person was moderating the press/launch event  , while among the speakers was Sharon-Hudson-Dean , the spokesperson of the US embassy and head of public affairs , speaking on the importance of creativity and education to the girl child, Marko NDHLOVU from the Chiedza  child care centre was among the speakers expressing on how they work with children in involving them activities they do to foster their mental growth and creativity, among speakers was Garry Webbstock the Director of the New Ambassador hotel  expressing his interest in working with the noble idea of developing children who are vulnerable and taking in the cognizance the need for the girl child to be empowered , the ambassador hotel wholly supported the press launch  on the day. Lastly before the discussion forum  ,Mbizo chirasha the producer and the brainchild of the project rolled out the whole scope of girlchildcreativity and also gave an insight of the objectives of the project as well as the June motivational workshops and seminars. The whole idea of the workshops was that new generation poets   motivate school going female students with interest in reading and writing to be good readers and writers.

-the uniqueness of workshops is that they coincided with the day of the African child that is celebrated on the 16th of every year , the all female motivational workshops was hosted by Chiedza childcare centre in Ardebene   ,  they were 21 students in attendance of ages varying from 12-18years , the young girls were keen to learn , the facilitators included Rtendo Tapiwa , Cynthia marangwada , Barbra Anderson , blck heat Deshanti ,Eve nyemba, they  touched on the nit- gritties of inspiration , writing skills , confidence building  and also read and performed their poetry , in attendance were students from chitungwiza under girl child network, chiedza childcare centre female students , management and staff of chiedza , program officers from Girl child network , arts female journalists , Diana ndongonda and Sharon muguwu , the Director and functions Manager of the New Ambassador Hotel ,Garry Webbstock and Fanuel Masunungure.The workshops commenced from 2pm-430pm both days  , the 15th and the 16th of june 2011.


-the event will not have kicked off well without the following  people and institutions
THE US EMBASSY PUBLIC AFFAIRS SECTION, for assisting in the development of the idea , administrative services, attending the press launch , advise and certificates  , publicity ,Space for food for thought seminar, offering of reading book prizes to the poetry workshops winners through their head Sharon-Hudson –Dean,Sizani Weza ,Nigel Wilson, Rebbeca –Zeigler Mano , Michael Brooke ,Stephen.B Mushonga ,K.Mangemba ,Priscilla Kapungu ,Mr Muchenje ,Mr Posner and the entire PAS staff

Muzvare Betty Makoni – for spreading  the word about the project and sponsoring a small fee for logistics and prizes for winning kids.

THE NEW AMBASSADOR HOTEL through its Head, Mr Garry Webbstock  for sponsoring the press launch ,  the workshops welfare , prize giving venue and other administrative  assistance.

Chiedza child care centre
-         providing the venue
-         mobilizing participating children
-         presiding on the press launch and prize giving ceremony
GIRL CHILD NETWORK ZIMBABWE- for providing participants to the workshops and also assisting in spreading the word.

-through the press launch , press releases and press briefings the June workshops and other activities have received a lot of attention and coverage from the media in Zimbabwe fron web journals to print and  to broadcasting media ,coverage in the mail , the daily news , the zimbojam , the Newsday , iziviso arts web online ,the Zimbabwe broadcasting cooperation , it is quite important to have media people amongst yourselves who  have passion with the creativity  of children.

Prize GIVING ceremony

friday the 17th of july saw the unveiling of the winners of the all female  motivational poetry/writing  workshop competition at the new ambassador hotel , the winners ranged from 12-18years of age  , we had 2 caregories , 12-14 years of age  and 15-18years of age   , out of 21 participants we got  10 winners who won books , cash and meals courtesy of the Us embassy public affairs section ,the New AMBASSADOR hotel , Muzvare Betty Makoni of GIRL CHILD network WORLD WIDE.
the prizes were another form of motivation and inspiration to girls in their pursuit to  realise their talent  .

 We  are very much proud of every one who took part and assisted to make the activities a success , we have a lot of activities lined from July to September and we are having more and more better  and quality standards in the implementation of activities , we value your support and ideas , lets work together for the future , our web blog will be revised soon , where you are going to see advisors , board members and facilitators profiles as well as other   reports pertaining the whole girl child idea

Mbizo Chirasha

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