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South Africa: Empowerment Organization Girlchildcreativity Grows By Martin Chemhere

By Martin Chemhere/Shout Africa media – Johannesburg: The young but vibrant creative empowerment project is realizing huge growth with local media buzz leading to unprecedented awareness around Harare city and many parts of the country.

Form today until the first week of August, Girlchildcreativity ( will host a collaboration young females talent showcase and dinner in conjunction with the New Ambassador Hotel at the new hotel in Harare. Coming together are artists and students from 3 schools to participate in a performance for schools such as Hopely Farm, Premier College (Hatcliffe) and Chiedza Childcare centre from Mbare. Taking part are artists Elsa Kamsoda, Vasadza, Mutumwa Pavi, Amanandos Dance Group, Trybe Africa, Petina and Friends, Victor Moyo, Ruvimbo Mtasa, Doc Vikela. Another major promising event lined up is the Mind Blast Discussion at the Book Café , and a collaboration between the Book Café, Pamberi Trust and Girlchildcreativity. Speakers include Mbizo Chirasha, Masimba Biriwasha, Flow Child and Patience Gamu Tavengwa. Since its launch in June this year support has also been rolling from organizations like the US Embassy's Public Affairs department as well the New Ambassador Hotel, Harare. The idea kicked off with an activity supported by The US Embassy and in the form of a seminar, motivating creativity in girls. It drew participants from schools around the city that send girls to brainstorm on issues pertaining to talent realization and self worth. Slum Cinema was the other collaborators in the event. During the day of the African Child this year, Girlchildcreativity was hosted by Chiedza Childcare centre in Ardbenie, near Mbare for a workshop on creative motivation. Female students from Seke and Mbare participated in events facilitated by young female poets including Black Heat Deshanti, Breezy, Flow Child, Rutendo Tapiwa, and Eve Nyemba among others. The workshops touched on how to identify talent, self belief; self worth, writing skills and poets also gave a brief of their experiences as female artists. A writers competition was included in the programming with young girls wining books , meals, cash and writing books as well as certificates to honor their writing and creative skills. "We will keep working with all our current stakeholders – international governmental institutions, local NGOs, creative institutions, private business, media, artists of all genres , the government and other players," said Mbizo Chirasha, producer and creative director of Girlchildcreativity.

Press Release/Girlchildcreativity week 4 of july to august week 1

The girlchildcreativity project is a very young but vibrant project
that have realized a bid and thunderous support from the press both
print , ezines and electronic , the project have become a tslk of the
city and the country. it also received vibrant support during its
launch in June from the US embassy public affairs thorough its head
and staff as well the New ambassador hotel through the GM, Garry
Webbstock and the staff.

Activities that really kick started idea were hosted by both the
public affairs in form of seminar ,motivating creativity in girls on
the 21st of June that saw schools from around the city sending girls
to brainstorm on issues pertaining talent realization and self worth ,
the program was a collaboration between , Slum Cinema,
Girlchildcreativity and Us PUBLIC Affairs.

on the day of the African child , girlchildcreativity was hosted by
chiedza childcrare centre in Ardibene near mbare for a workshop on
creative motivation that saw female students of seke and mbare
converging for the program that was facilitated by young female poets
including black heat deshanti , breezy , flow child , rtendo tapiwa ,
eve nyemba among others , the workshops touched on how to identify
talent , self belief , self worth , writing skills and poets also
gave a brief of their experiences as female artists, to close the June
workshop the project ran a writers competition that saw young girls
wining books , meals , cash and writing books as well as certificates
to honor their writing and creative skills , which enhanced them more
in their motivation.

Early august girlchildccreativity will host a collaboration talent
showcase + dinner in collab with the New ambassador hotel at the new
the new ambassador hotel in Harare that will artists and students
from 3 schools participating in a performance platform , to take
from schools is hopely farm students , premier college from hatcliffe
and chiedza childcare centre from mbare.
among other artists to take part are , elsa kamsoda /poet/singer,
Vasadza-PROFILIC SHONA POET ,mutumwa pavi another vibrant shona
poet,amanandos dance group, Trybe Africa ,ayoung music outfit,petina
and friends acapella music, victor moyo showing slide of creative
branding as well ruvimbomtasa showcasing her designing skills and doc
vikela one of our well groomed local comedian and more other artists,
the whole concept is creative edutainment.

the July week4 to august week 1 activities will kick start with a
press conference that will unveil the nature and the scope of the
talent and dinner show to the press, partners and public, our guest
speaker at the press conference is Joyce Simeti ,one of our
outstanding female gospel musician , she will continue to be our guest
up to the main talent show and one of our veteran media specialist
Masimba Biriwasha will moderate the press conference and to follw it
is a Mind Blast discussion to be held on Wednesday the 27th at the
book cafe , the event is a collaboration between the bookcafe/pamberi
trust and girlchildcreativity speakers will include mbizo
chirasha,masimba biriwasha , flow child and patience gamu tavengwa

The project also seek to host a festival 3months to come that will
see a number of girl artists participating with the scope of self
The girlchildcreativity program will always continue to work with the
Us PUBLIC affairs section ,the new ambassador hotel , the print and
electronic media, the pamberi trust, artists of all genres , the govt
and other players who are soon to join the development of

Lastly Girlchildcreativity now boasts of a new , young and vibrant
Artists liason who will also work with the present to further enhance
its vision , the young man is Tinashe Nguluve , a music , video and
arts producer , very creative ,willing and innovative.
Girlchildcreativity will also update its blog very soon placing the
profiles of guest advisors, guest facilitators ,partners and the
organizing team.

We welcome all those who would like to work with us to further bring
this vision true

Profiles of Artists who will take part at the Girl child creativity
Grand Talent show

1] Victor moyo-creative branding specialist/will be showing slides
of his creative branding
Victor Moyo is an arts administrator with a proven track record. Has
designed and implemented various arts projects in Zimbabwe and South
Africa. Moyo has over six years of experience in working with emerging
and established artists as a manager, marketer, public relations
manager, trainer and fund raising specialist. He also has developed
and runs a successful branding and marketing consultancy based in
2] Doc Vikela- a stand up comedian
The country's most frank, candid, pragmatic, awesome, good – looking
and available comedian Doc Vikela's experiences in life range from his
life as a university drop out, school master, Human Resources
Consultant to a renowned model choreographer and now he has finally
got his call to serve.
Regarded as the most frank and candid Zimbabwean Comedian in the world
Doc Vikela was born as Victor Tinashe Mpofu some 25 years ago in the
rich plains of Gokwe South in a family of two boys. At the age of 8 it
was time for this great phenomenon to move to newer and untamed area
in the form of Gweru from whence his stature began growing from
strength to strength. School became his new hunting ground and showed
a lot of promise only to be shot down by the good grades he kept on
attaining. At 18 he successfully attained fair A Level grades and
could not stand the sight of University crushing his zeal, drive and
esteem and thus dropped out!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 19 he became a relief
teacher (Ascot Secondary and Mkoba 3 High School), at 20 he became a
supervisor with Reflections Paper Products where he was fired for
alleged theft which was however never substantiated. From there he was
to teach at Harare High School for a team and for his shrewd soccer
coaching tactics he earned the nickname "Ferguson" after the
Manchester united gaffer. At 21 he attained a qualification in Human
Resources Management and was to become a Deputy Principal at Avenues
High School. At 23 he resigned his post to focus on grooming models
and human resources consultancy; During the same period he has
performed in numerous plays notably Oedipus (HIFA 2009) and Dzimbabwe
(2009 Zimbabwean tour). February 2011 saw his debut as a Stand Up
comedian and has never looked back ever since.
Has graced and performed at the Book Cafe Open Mic sessions ,
Mannengberg, Rhymez I Wrote The Open Mind Open Mic show at the
Mannengberg, Stars of Tomorrow concert at the Book Cafe in February,
ZIMCOMFEST 2011, Zimbabwe German Society Acoustic night, Mannengberg's
Simuka Comedy, private functions and corporate events as a comedian.
As an M.C./ Director of Ceremonies he has done functions ranging from
Arts Festivals, Weddings, Modelling Shows, Corporate and other events.
3] Lexta MAFUMHE mtasa
-a lyricist , well known actor , film /scriptwriter,perfomances poet
-he owns a degree in litrature studies from UZ

4] Ruvimbo mtasa

Ruvimbo Mtasa born in Harare [1986]. She is the first born in a family
of five beautiful girls.

'A' Level, Girls High School Harare and attained 2 'A' Levels.

A diploma in Applied Art and Design, Harare Polytechnic Zimbabwe.

She is a versatile, articulate, innovative hard working lady who
possesses a creative flair with excellent analytical and communication
skill. She is currently an Art Director at DDH&M Advertising. As a
team player, she believes in working for the growth of the
organisation. Her motivation lies in her desire to succeed and excel
in everything she undertakes and her strengths are in her people
skills, proactiveness and ability to pay great attention to detail. In
her position, as an Art Director, she has gained a wealth of skills
and experience in graphic design and advertising as a whole with 3
years and 6 months of working experience.

She loves music and is also studying music with Mr Mapiye from Prince
Edward High School and has been sitting for exams at Zimbabwe College
of Music. She is also an aspiring musician. She loves drawing,
painting, singing, learning how to play instruments and most of all
watching live performances. She is also very keen in sharing knowledge
that she has acquired in all the areas of her expertise, utilise the
skills she has obtained through her experiences while working with

5] Elsa Kamsoda

I started music as a carrier in 2009. I started off as a reggae artist
but now I have got my own brand of music called Kamluve which is a
fussion of reggae, jazz and culture. I am also working on my poetry
project called The African Whispers.I was born on the 11th of July
1990. I am a song writer, poet and I am also considering getting into
writing plays. I am a creative fabric and logo designer and I also
play mbira.

Chenjerai Mazambani
-works for zimbabwe prison services and he is a proffesional shona
poet who have won poetryslam prizes and
Have perfomed extensively around zimbabwe

The s poet /writer was born in 1974 in Midlands Province in Gokwe
district . He is a profilic Shona Writer and Perfomance poet , whose
work is influenced by established Shona literature legends in Zimbabwe
. His articulation of his art leaves a lot to be desired , He is one
of the hottest poets at the House of Hunger Poetry Slam in Zimbabwe .
that have won a number of Awards and Prizes among other acclodades,
The poet articulate issues of concern in Zimbabwean communities ,
issues that include deep rural lifestyle , social concerns and
maladies , political sattire and cultural integrity and dignity , His
work is poised with vivid imagination of situations , metaphor ,
paradox and irony , The poet though writing in Shona which the
indeginous language of Zimbabwe , He wishes and have confidence that
his work of art can reach beyond borders and get readersship of
global ettiquette through translations and translating journals for
further exchange and world readership promotion , as well as
sharpening of his skills by meeting a wider audience.the poet has
graced a number of important platforms that include Graduation
Ceremonies at Higher Institutions of Learning, Festivals , Cultural
cafes and other events.Lastly he is looking to share his creativity
across the board.

6] Mutumwa pavi
Tinashe Muchuri was born and grew up in Gwanha Village in Zaka, south
of Zimbabwe. He is an actor, performing poet, novelist and
storyteller. In 1998 his poem 'Mubhedha' was included in Budding
Writers Association of Zimbabwe Journal "Crackling Voices from Budding
Writers". He became a regular contributor to the Ngano Dzapasichigare
Column in Kwayedza, had own column in the Nehanda Guardian called "By
the Fireside" that was tackling children rights. He has published
poetry in Zimbabwe, United Kingdom and the United States, in magazines
such as Illuminations, Cosumnes River Journal, Warwick Review, and
Rattlesnake Review and has appeared in online journals such as Poetry
Bulawayo, Arts Initiates, KwaChirere, Medusa Kitchens and In Motion
Magazine's poems in solidarity with Haiti among others. His poems also
appear in the following poetry anthologies, Jakwara reNhetembo (Mambo
Press 2008), State of the Nation: Contemporary Zimbabwean Poetry
(Conversation Press 2009), Daybreak (Unibooks 2010) War against War
(Mensa Press 2010), Visions of the Motherland (Mensa Press 2010) and
Defiled Sacredness (Mensa Press 2010). He has performed his poetry at
international arts festivals in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana,
HIFA, SADC poetry festival and Arts Alive festival Johannesburg. He
featured in short films such as Tanyaradzwa, Nyaminyami, the Husband,
and I Want a Wedding dress,Playing worriors among others. He also has
featured in the

7] Flowchild

I'm Cynthia 'Flowchyld' Marangwanda,a female spoken-word poet,writer
and film student in her mid-20s.I started performing poetry in March
2008 at the Book Cafe although I had been writing stories and poetry
since I was very young.My greatest influence is my grandfather,John
Marangwanda.He was a pioneering Shona novelist in Zimbabwe and i
believe he passed on the writing gene to me.The themes I deal with in
my spoken-word include identity,spirituality, afrocentricity,social
consciousness,the state of modern humanity,urban
life,struggle,feminism from an african woman's perspective,the
politics of being and the individual in relation to the universal.I
try to incorporate elements of hip-hop into my spoken-word.I have
performed at such places as HIFA Poetry Cafe,House of Hunger Poetry
Slam,16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Shows,International
Images Film Festival,SADC Poetry Festival Namibia and a lot of other
different places.My passion is to empower,liberate and elevate girls
and women through my spoken-word poetry and to be the poetic voice of
my generation.

8] Barbra breezy anderson /*
- Peformances poet/writer/designer and workshops facilitator
9] Black heat deshanti
Owns a degree in food science from CUT, educationist,poet ,writer and
workshop facilitator
10] Trybe africa-young african fusion
11] Amanandos arts
Amanandos arts was formed in 2007 ( January) as a dance group but
after the realization that there was a great need of entertainment in
the society it was later named Amanandos Arts because it was no
longer performing dances only instead Amanandos introduced dramas in
its quest to educate and entertain . It is registered as a dance group
under the censorship board which was set by National Arts council of
Zimbabwe. Since 2007 Amanandos has been working very hard to become a
professional arts group .At the same time we are convinced that
various groups are needed to raise awareness on arts industry itself
to become professional.

We have honesty and integrity; this is what makes us a respectable
credible corporate citizen.
Team Work
W value teamwork and the synergies that come from the ability to work
together for a common purpose
We believe that passion and enthusiasm are the ingredients to success
(i.e. they are the match stick that ignites the fire) we value
individuals who display such attributes towards their work and such
individuals are better placed to achieve results than those who are
We value openness and transparency in all our dealings with clients
To be the leader in the provision of quality services in the area of
entertainment (arts and culture)
Our vision is to become the most vibrant arts group and to take the
arts industry to a professional level
Amanandos Arts comprises of eleven members, among these eleven members
we have the manager, Ds , marketing manager and the dancers , Justice
Mandianike is the founder and Director of Amanandos , he is also in
charge of training and rehearsals . We also have dancers like Oscar
Chikoto and Tawanda Chigwida , they have been with the group since its
inception in 2007.As Amanandos we are happy that with the efforts by
the government that the arts industry is growing with its help and
also not forgetting the help by sponsors and individuals that have
been supporting the industry. It is also our hope that as artists we
have to come together as one and unite for the a common purpose

Petina and crew /musicians

Mbizo chirasha
Call+263 734332309


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