Thursday, 18 August 2011

Girlchildcreativity august 2011 press release by Rumbidzai Marangwanda


The GirlChild Creativity project is growing in leaps and bounds. A number of discoveries, programs and activities are being witnessed by our Zimbabwean community through its efforts. Since the launch of the project in June the organizers of this program have not turned their back on motivating girls through creativity.
On the 19th of August GirlChild Creativity is launching the Premier College cluster in Hatcliffe. In attendance will be diplomats, established artists, students and staff members from the college. The theme for the launch will be “Enriching Creativity in Our Communities”. The cluster manager will be Rebecca Simawo, a literature teacher at the college and the program will run from 9am-1pm.
Next on the agenda is the GirlChild Creativity Food For Thought Seminar on 24 August taking place in Gweru. Its theme will be “The Role of Creativity in Developing Girls”. The speakers will be Mbizo Chirasha, founder of GirlChild Creativity and a renowned poet; Extrablessings Kuchera, the poetry and discussion officer for Pamberi Trust and Cynthia ‘Flowchyld’ Marangwanda, a spoken-word poet and member of GirlChild Creativity. The issues to be addressed will focus on the importance of fostering creativity in girls and young women. The moderator will be Bevan Hungwe, the education adviser for the American Corner in Gweru where the seminar will be held. The program starts at 2pm and ends at 4pm.
Following that event GirlChild Creativity will host a Talent and Dinner Showcase at the New Ambassador Hotel on the 26th of August. The master-of-ceremony will be Doc Vikela, a stand-up comedian and performing artist. Taku Mafika will be the guest-of-honour. Taku is a celebrated mbira musician who has toured Europe extensively and recently returned from a working trip to Germany. He has trained many well-known local personalities in the art of mbira-playing and is highly talented. There shall be performances by students from Premier College, Hopely School and Chiedza Childcare Centre supported by female poets and other artists including the guest band Milopi, an afro-fusion all-female band. The show will run from 5.30 to 8.30pm. The winning students will receive recording contracts, CDs, books and will be published on the GirlChild Creativity website.
These are some of the activities GirlChild Creativity has lined up as part of its vision to cause a creative revolution that will impact Zimbabwean society positively, through giving girls and young women platforms where their artistic talents can be exposed and appreciated. It is only the start of greater things to come that will truly empower the young female element in our communities.
Rumbidzai Marangwanda
GirlChild Creativity Media and Publicity Officer

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