Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Role of Creativity in Developing the Girl Child by the Zimbabwean Newspaper

The Role of Creativity in Developing the Girl Child

On August 24, Wednesday afternoon, the American Corner in Gweru will hold a Food For Thought Discussion on the topic “The Role of Creativity in Developing the Girl Child” in collaboration with the Girl Child Creativity (GCC) project.

The GCC project and the US Embassy have collaborated on a number of events and this is a build up towards the strengthening of the relationship through taking the project far and wide so as to make greater impact in the life of the girl child.
The GCC seeks to mitigate the underrepresentation of young girls in areas of creative enterprise as well as to develop talent, creativity, boost self worth, self identification and self definition using creative and artistic models. So far the project has launched four clusters in Harare and facilitated some workshops and discussions.
Rumbidzai Marangwanda who is the GCC media relations officer said, “Seeing the positive impact of this project, this discussion seems like the beginning of the much needed outreach programs which can be used as a launch pad for more programs to come.
The development of the girl child is an important factor for the development of society and motivating their creativity has future rewards for the societies that embrace such developments.”
The discussion will also seek to stimulate thought processes where governments, civil society organizations and various stakeholders should realize the need to invest in the creativity of the girl child as a means of empowering them and making them realize their self worth.
Speakers will talk about the GCC project, the importance of motivating creativity in girls as well female artists and arts practitioners sharing their experiences in the creative industry. The discussion will be chaired by Beaven Hungwe who is the Education Advisor of the Gweru American Corner.
The speakers for the discussion will be Rumbidzai ‘Flowchild’ Marangwanda (Poetess), Mbizo Chirasha (GCC Director) and Extra-Blessings Kuchera (Pamberi Trust).
This surely promises to be an interesting discussion and everyone is invited to come, listen and air their views.

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