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Creativity Motivational Workshop 29th sept 2011 Organizers and Facilitators Profiles

Creativity Motivational Workshop 29th sept 2011
Organizers and Facilitators Profiles

Mbizo Chirasha/ Faciltator on Writing skills and motivational interventions
Mbizo the BlackPoet is an internationally acclaimed perfomances poet/writer/live literature producer/creative projects consultant, he works as a poetry festival manager, creative interventions consultant, perfomances poet, public /media relations facilitator,poetry writer, poet/writer in residence,publications coordinator and compiler.The Poet is published in more than 62 journals, literary magazines, poetry anthologies, creative reviews and cultural research anthologies and thesis, in the States, Britain,Germany,India,South Africa,Norway ,Turkey ,Finland ,Iceland,Zimbabwe ,Namibia and also Ghana. He has CO-authored a poetry Anthology /Whispering Woes of Ganges and Zambezi with Sweta Vikram, indian bornpoet based inNew York,USA.Mbizo is the founder of Girl Child creativity project, a project that seek to mitigate the underrepresentation of younggirls in areas of creative enterprise, creative writing, perfomances art ,literacy development and readership culture, the project seek to develop girls mentally and creatively for them to realise their talent, creative identity and self worth ,on this project, check, http://www.girlchildcreativity.blogspot.com/.
He is also the founder of Young Writers Caravan ,Africa Drums Poetry Festival,This is Africa Poetry Night between 2003- 2011
all programs had everything to with creativity.

Mbizo have perfomed in various media, political, writers ,book ,diplomatic, non-govermental and international platform, and worked with such organizations on different levels as a writer,poet, poet inresdence, consultant, facilitator, manager and producer.
follow, mbizo poetry on this blog, on google, on facebook notes and on the other blog, http://www.poetrychatroom.blogspot.com/

I am a young lady aged 24. I was born and raised in Harare and it is during my school days that I realised my love for the arts. I would write short stories and poems even though I never won any of the competitions I entered.By the time I was in high school I was certain that writing was my calling. I often wrote speeches and poems for other students to perform. It was then that I became a member of the Budding Writers Association of Zimbabwe.After leaving high school, became actively involved in the arts and after meeting such legendry female artists like Chiwoniso Maraire and Tsitsi Dangarenbga. The first big project I was involved in was the 'I am an artist' project with the Zimbabwe German Society between march and april of 2007.
This involved I Kudakwashwe Shambira/ Workshop Moderator/ Special ACTIVITIES assistant First experience was This is artist project/ writing poems and fusing them with visual art pieces to form one finished art piece. In this project, I met some great artists such as Mbizo Chirasha and Masimba Hwati and forged lasting friendships.That same year, I was fortunate to get a chance to work for the Harare International Festival of the Arts where my passion and appetite for poetry were whetted. I was to work there again the following year.In May of that same year, I relocated and worked in Swaziland for a small novice newspaper, The Swazi Advertiser as a newspaper agent. I was also privileged to work and perform with some of Swaziland's crème de la crème artists namely Mbongiseni Ngubane, Bongiwe Dhlamini, Jazz and Thobile Magagula. It was in Swaziland that I recorded my first poetry track with French born Vincent Caudry entitled, minimal animal. After a short stay with them I returned to Zimbabwe and was involved in a short film project called, Kare ndinhasi with another good friend, Kumbulani Zamuchiya. Our short film premiered at the Youth On Film International (YOFI) festival and was also shown at the US embassy public affairs section. I also used to perform at the Book Cafe regularly. Iwas also privileged to perform at the 2008 International Women's day commemoration held at the Zimbabwe National Art Gallery.In 2008 i performed at the International Aids day commemoration held at the Harare gardens. That was the first time i performed my track, minimal animal and yet again at the African Drumbeat festival held at alliance fransaise and co ordinated by Mbizo Chirasha.At that time I was a student studying Journalism and mass communication between 2006 and 2008. All this activity did not deter me from my first love, writing. In fact, it encouraged me to write even more. Some of my work was published in the, People magazine and quite recently, the, Daily news, a local daily newspaper.Currently, I am working on a short collection of some of my best pieces of work which is yet to be titled. I also run a small family business and i'm a member of the Harare Women's Network. Of all the jobs i've had in my lifetime, none beat being a mother of a lovely little girl

Cynthia Flowchild Marangwanda/Facilitator on Experiences of a female artist/poet

I'm Cynthia 'Flowchyld' Marangwanda,a female spoken-word poet,writer
and film student in her mid-20s.I started performing poetry in March
2008 at the Book Cafe although I had been writing stories and poetry
since I was very young.My greatest influence is my grandfather,John
Marangwanda.He was a pioneering Shona novelist in Zimbabwe and i
believe he passed on the writing gene to me.The themes I deal with in
my spoken-word include identity,spirituality,afrocentricity,social
consciousness,the state of modern humanity, urban
life,struggle,feminism from an african woman's perspective,the
politics of being and the individual in relation to the universal.I
try to incorporate elements of hip-hop into my spoken-word.I have
performed at such places as HIFA Poetry Cafe,House of Hunger Poetry

Elizabeth Zaza Muchemwa/ Facilitator- on Aspects of situational writing Elizabeth
Zaza Muchemwa is a dynamic and energetic young woman who has
been practicing on performing art scene in Harare as a poet ,
writer,actress and theater director,she has performed her poetry on
various stages and many events in and out of Harare and has so far
directed two theater productions namely, Just Papers and Wedding Day, actress and theater director, she has performed her poetry on
various stages and many events in and out of Harare and has so far
directed two theater productions namely, Just Papers and Wedding Day.

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