Monday, 26 September 2011

Girlchildcreativity october events //self defination month/press release by Mbizo Chirasha

Girlchildcreativity project is progressing and moving with vibrancy and effectiveness , towards the end of septmber 2011 , girlchildcreativity held a mindblast discussion  dubbed creativity as a humanright , that saw the poet Allen Chitsanzara /international law student presenting a paper on where creativity meet human rights ,  zimbabwe women Lawyers Association  gave an enlightening short presentation on how society need to uphold talent and creativity development.Girlchildcreativity director Mbizo Chirasha gave a insight on the greatest insight of creative mind and also entwined arts , education and  creativity and how society need to continue using creativity as social and community interventions.

on the 29th september  we are having a creative social responsiblity writers/arts workshop , that will touch on  social issues like hunger  and poverty giving a case study of somalia, the workshop will bring 10-15 students from our clubs around harare to be workshoped opn this theme and come up with stories that will be published by Girlchildcreativity and a publishing company,this workshop will see them recieve certificates  in  a way of motivating them and continue to give them the sense of social responsibility , creative /community leadership.

the  other following events include the gweru workshop on arts  and motivation with 25 students from schools around harare, the workshop also will see the launch of a gweru ,girlchildcreativity cluster , women artists and academics will be speaking to girls in this workshop , the founder will also speak about the vision and activities of the project.
a new  activity dubbed Meet the Artist Session , will see students in meeting with  upcoming artists from harare and other parts of zimbabwe , students will ask questions  to artists ,what motivated them  , the other positive thing is that artists will sample their musical CDS.vdeos and writings and those in theatre will speak of the works they have done  and how to produce good art.
we will also have fringe programs that including a vistation of a school in domboshava , and a creativity as a human right discussion in bulawayo , will set  a calendar to visit our clusters  for meeting artists , developing their arts curricula and continous motivational and creative empowerment workshops.the girlchildcreativity premmier college cluster students have managed to perfom at the US embassy event dubbed THE FAIRWELL PARTY  for Mr A.Posner who is leaving Zimabwe PAS for White house and also perfomed on the 24th at the Defzee Youth Project Launch.
the october events , month of selfdefination  are held courtesy of US embassy ,public affairs section in  Harare
BY Mbizo Chirasha
Creative Director/Producer
call +263 734 332 309

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