Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Bulawayo Food for Thought seminar Update [Role of creativity in empowering and developing girls] by Mbizo Chirasha

Bulawayo Food for Thought seminar [Role of creativity in empowering and developing girls] by Mbizo Chirasha

Thursday the 13th of October was a hive of activity at the Bulawayo public library where the American corner is situated, the Girlchildcreativity project director gave a vibrating and thought provoking session to a crowd of participants that was well represented by educationists, academics, child development activists and the media.
The discussions centered on how to foster creativity to the girl child, the importance of empowering the girl child through creativity, talent identification and other models of mental development, the role of parents and teachers in stimulating creativity in children.
Some participants argued that sometimes their talents and creativity die a natural death in their growing stages , and it came to light that lack of creative dynamics like motivation, talent realization and inspiration in talent demise. Some argued  its difficult for them to inspire their kids while themselves are not born talented or creative , but  the facilitator gave responses that every one is born creative and as well mothers are most creative  for the role they play  in  the  birth and growth of  children, and further mothers need to  realize the need to develop talents in their children for  the better of their future.
Mr  Mazorodze an English teacher at foundation college shared the need of including schools in developmental aspects and projects in Bulawayo and he pledged his school would like to work with girlchildcreativity project in developing the talent of the girl child.
The  facilitator further more highlighted the models  and methods to be used in developing the mind and creativity of children, some which include the  need to introduce children to books, arts platforms, newspapers, visual and audio activities, travelling with them to different resorts centers for enlarging their  imagination.
One  distinguished participant was Precious  Simba /Programs Director of M2B Youth Development Trust in Bulawayo, the  event was coordinated by Noma  Mabhena [ Coordinator  of Bulawayo American Corner.
It is within our project vision to continue  developing the girlchild using creativity models.
The seminar was held courtesy of  American embassy public affairs section, Harare, hosted by Bulawayo  American corner , presented by Girlchildcreativity.
Creative director/producer.

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