Wednesday, 5 October 2011

post-press release Creative Responsibility Masterclass workshop and other activities by Mbizo Chirasha

The GirlChild Creativity project is growing in leaps and bounds. A number of discoveries, programs and activities are being witnessed by our Zimbabwean community through its efforts. Since the launch of the project in June the organizers of this program have not turned their back on motivating girls through creativity

The Girl child creativity project is  moving on in developing the minds of girls using creative arts as  a model , we ended the month of September with two vibrant events , the mind blast discussion forum[Creativity as a Human Right] , that seek to inform the communities about  the right to creative/artistic and talent expression , the discussion was held at the book cafe cultural cent re that saw the attendance of female artists , women rights activists , politicians , students and others, speakers included  Zimbabwe women lawyers association , international law students , female poet  Rumbidzai Marangwanda moderated the event , While the GCC ,director , gave a discussion on the great insights  of human creativity.the event was held on the  2oth of September 2011.

on the 29th of September GCC , courtesy of the US EMBASSY PUBLIC AFFAIRS  ,hosted by Pamberi Trust hosted a creative social responsibility workshop ,  dubbed verses against hunger , with a case study of Somalia , facilitators spoke on a wide range of how  community social life link with creativity and how does creativity become a solution and a responsibility in our  communities , other facilitators on aspects of writing situational  stories or poetry ,  some spoke on the   need of motivational interventions in developing , a Q/A session was held that actually proved the need by young girls to learn more in areas of creativity and arts.

Lastly the workshop ended with an impromptu writers session by participants , on which the writers will first published on our blog , , and then into a book form by a UK publisher , the idea to  capacitate young girls   in using their creativity for community social responsibility , leadership and education. and further enhance the the literacy and readership culture in Harare.the event took place at  the Mannenberg in harare on the 29th of september 2011 and the facilitators  and organizers included,Mbizo Chirasha , kudakwshe shamibra ,Rumbidzai Marangwanda  and Elizabeth Muchemwa.

Participants were drawn from Pamberi trust  Sisters open Mic , Premier college CLUSTER ,women university of zimbabwe 
totaling up to 11 participants who will be receiving certificates soon.

the 2nd of October so the GCC director leading an orientation workshop on the vision , the background and the future of the project to the volunteering team members of GirlchildCreativity Project,the  workshop touched on communication , project planning , activities management  , admin issues , publicity and social media isssues.

The future of GirlchildCreativity is the visitation of clusters , a skills and creativity motivation workshop in Gweru with a 25 student cluster at the American corner , a discussion forum on the role of  creativity in motivating girls in Bulawayo at the American  Corner on  the 13th of October 2011.

the September/October events  are a result of the generous assistance by the USembassy Public AFFAIRS in HARARE and Pamberi trust in hosting some of the events.

FOR more info View our blog  and we always inform you of our November events

Kindest  regards
Mbizo Chirasha
Producer/Founder/Girlchildcreativity Project
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