Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Our Girlchildcreativity end of year calendar of events/Press Release by Mbizo Chirasha

Our Girlchildcreativity end of year calendar of events/Press Release by Mbizo  Chirasha

Our 2011 activities have proved to be worthsome  through the response we got from collegues , girls , schools  and other serious stakeholders  in the community  and develomental  , it is a fact that sponsorship is difficult to get , but with  the small grants we recieved from the United states public affairs we managed to host and organize  thought provoking and succesful events that included discussion forums ,.motivational worksahops , cluster launches and vistations.

so far the girlchild creativity is working on an anthology writen by students in a masterclass workshop  , we organized  in the beginning of october based on the creative social social responsibilty  theme , Verses against Hunger with a case study of somalia.Bulawayo food for thought seminar was  successful and famous  , the gweru interventions brought lif to the city of progress , thanks to Bevan Hungwe and Noma Mabhena.

The Media did a lot of work in the promotion of our activities , giving a special mention to  Daily news and newsday as well as zimbojam , zbc spot fm , good morning programs.

the  girlchildcreativity team worked tirelessly to see the events moving , cluster  coordinators   at chiedza , hatcliffe , hopely farm and our new  club motivators  from Women university are playing a big role, we had also a stint of activitie with Girlchild network , our  collab  soon after our launch in june worked well.

OUR november , december  activities are full of  vitality and sesnse as we run towards the World Aids DAY , our themes are focussed on Hiv/Aids Issues with our Discussion at the Book cafe touching on the impact of Hiv/Aids on the creativity and development of the girlchild , we are also launching a club at Foundation college in bulawayo on the 25th of november, we will  as well having a workshop in gweru , in harare will  give  a  arts training to the children at chiedza  childcrare centre, to close our November Month wil host the World Aids Literacy and READING event on the World AIDS day.December  will see us giving certificates to children  who attended the Masterclass workshop.

We look forward to continue working with our clubs , fans , well wishers and the media  in the right way and efficently.
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by Mbizo Chirasha
producer/creative director


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