Wednesday, 21 December 2011

GirlchildCreativityProject End of Year 2011 Update

Dear Supporters , well wishers , the media , clusters and friends.

The year 2011 was a successful and a very busy year , thus the year we
managed to launch this noble project girlchildcreativity, carried a series a programs
and activities  in schools , public affairs centres  , children drop
in centres , homes and cultural centres.

We saw the launch of the project in june 2011  with the assistance of
the US Public affairs Department , New ambassador hotel ,
girlchildnetwork , chidza cild care centre and other we ll wishers and
girlchild activists.

The New ambassador hotel hosted and sponsored the launch of this
project , while the public affairs provided with communication , admin
,markeing  and small grants for growing the project.

The Chiedza Child care  centre hosted the first  motivational
workshop  that saw the attendance of 21 students of the age between
13-21 , we had good writing and motivational skills workshops with the
assistance of poets , writers and actors that include veteran actress
, Rtendo Tapiwa Chigudu , Black Heat , Breezy and FlowCHILD.More
thanks goes to the  managers of the centre  with special  mention of
Mr Marko NDHLOVU the Centre Director.

June also  witnessed partcipants kid getting prizes courtsey of US
EMBASSY public affairs ,ambassador hotel , girlchildnetwork ,
girlchildcreativity founder.

 We cant talk of our development without mentioning  Pamberi trust
that provided space for a number of our  MINDBLAST discussion forums
that saw experts in theatre , girlchild and community development ,
writing , arts coming together to brainstorm  issues that have to  do
with the development of girlchildcreativity  and talent.

The Us public Affairs Department in Harare provided  grants for
workshops and seminars  in out side Harare that the whole awareness
programs and activities easier., a special mention  to Sharon Hudson
Dean , Michael Brooke, Stephen Mushonga , Rebecca Mano , Noma Mabhena
and Bevan Hungwe.

The whole information diesmination  work about the project worked
properly through the assistance of the IRC team , led by MR Mushonga ,
Proscillah Kapungu and  Kenneth Mangemba.

Our clusters and our friendly teams in Hatcliffe  , hopely , chiedza
,zengeza , gweru ,  and other partners of progress,would to pay a
special tribute to Msipa -Head of Hopely , Jon Motsi - Head  premier
college , Tendai- CHIEDZA childcare centre,Pius Hove , whom  we will
be launching the Foundation  College with in January 2011.

Season  greetings goes to the students who participated in workshops
and seminars and all those speakers who stood by us during our
awareness and motivation sessions, Patience Gamu Tavengwa , Minister
Jessie Majome , Amai Gandanga from ministry of health  as well Sharon
Hudson DEAN.

To Agnes Gudza who worked tirelessly with me at the launch , great
thanks , Cynthia Marangwanda , Babra Breezy ,Tinashe Mpofu , DJ
loggun,Kudakwashe Shambira,Ruvimbo  Mtasa and others be strong and be
vigilent you was such a trying team  in the process of  developing
this concept through the year.

Extrablessings Kuchera  for providing platforms for exchange of ideas
, Jillian the new assistant public affairs officer  at the Embassy
Great thanks for listening and willing to work with us.Sizani Weza for
helping in the publicity of our events.

Next year we see the launch of the clubs in Zengeza  Chitungwiza ,
Foundation College in Bulawayo  .

We will also see the publication of  Verses written by  female
students during our september/october creative social responsibilty
workshop, thanks to Rebecca Simawo ,the english  and literature
teacher at premier college for the guidenace and provision of
participants to this Master Class workshop  that will culminate into
the publication of the book and the certification of participants.

We cant Mention all names  , but we say compliments of the new season
, great holidays , new year and christmas , lets prepare for a massive
year in 2012 , lets all be alive to see the protruding new dan of

Kindest Regards
Mbizo Chirasha
Founder/Creative Director
Girlchildcreativity Project
call +263 734 332309

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