Thursday, 30 August 2012

Girlchild Voices Fiesta

Girl child Voices Fiesta

celebrating creativity through the power of words

Chipo Musikavanhu[blogger ,writer and Girlchildcreativity Advisor]

Introduction - Girlchildcreativty project is a member of an international project called 100 thousand poet for change ,which runs  poetry activities every 2th of September every year around the world with the thrust to develop awareness on social and community responsibility by poets.

Background - Girlchildcreativity is a project that seeks to mitigate the underrepresentation of young girls and young female writers and artists in  areas of creativity, creative writing, performing arts, literacy and readership culture development. Then 100 thousand poets for change suit with the idea of motivating and realising the creativity  prowess of girls.

Methodology - the program on the day will consist of 1o female poets and 3 young female musicians headed by Milopi. The Director and the Operations Executive, Mbizo Chirasha and Agatha Gondo will read speeches pertaining GirlchildCreativity  and 100 Thousand poets for change respectively. The speeches will followed by a motivational act from a comedian and girl child advocate Doc Vikela. The whole  night will be set ablaze by  young female performing poets. We are still organizing the venue ,opting nyamachoma restaurant, Oasis Hotel or the book cafe. The poetry and art will be touching on various  issues from political, social  and girl child rights.

Objective - celebrating  girlchild voices through the power of words
Participation-both male and female who advocate for the girlchildcreativity and literacy development Mbizo Chirasha- Director general /Girlchildcreativity Project.

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