Monday, 12 November 2012

End of year detailed update of GirlchildcreativityProjects 2012

End of year detailed update of GirlchildcreativityProjects 2012

Introduction - Girlchildcreativity project continue to unbelt small but massive life changing, confidence building and talent development activities in Zimbabwe. We have moved a great stride though funding remain a hindrance. The project have so far generated a lot of interest across lifestyles, cultures and backgrounds including students, academics, school teachers, cultural groups, young girls and young female artists. We have so far covered much ground in a number of projects that include Zim-Nigeria literary exchange, Girlchild Voices Fiesta, Female Poets for Environment, Urban colleges Writers Prize and the newly initiated Artist in Residence Program.

GirlchildVoices Fiesta - the program is held on the 29th of September every year in conjunction with the 100 thousand poets for change that is celebrated around the world yearly and is led by Michael Rothenberg. This year the program was celebrated in style with poets, writers and musicians in concert.

Mujeres Poetas Internacional (Women Poets International/ Women Scream International Poetry Festival - The project is led by b Jael Uribe M. In Dominican Republic and it is organized international to celebrate the voices of women around the world and here in Zimbabwe the program is coordinated by Mbizo Chirasha and the GirlchildCreativity Projects.

Zim-Nigeria Literary Exchange - the program is a combination between Society of Young Nigeria authors and GirlchildCreativity . The program is to produce a poetry anthology for the promotion of literary exchange and creativity development between these 2 countries.

Urban Colleges Writers Prize – a program intending to develop the intellectual and creative view of young professionals in their quest to achieve self and community development. The Program is in 3 stages, Harare Contest, goes National and then Regional.

Artist in Residence - Community artists' project to develop collaborations and fusion of artists from different genres to promote dialogue and diversity in our country and beyond.

Fringe Interventions – These are special events and activities done to promote exposure, dialogue, diversity and tolerance between artists and the communities around them. Such programs include our intervention at Tirivanhu Therapeutic centre on the 24th of October which proved to be a success; Workshops on Communication, motivation and networking are part of these activities.

Mbizo Chirasha
Call +263 734 332 309
Fonuder/Creative Director-General of GirlchildCreativityProjects
Facebook-girlchildcreativity,urban colleges writers prize

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