Monday, 19 November 2012

Participants' Comments on the Motivational Seminar

The 17th of November was a day filled with creative and arts motivation at the bookcafe with a lot of activities lined up in celebration of art and creativity. We all gathered in the morning of this day waiting for the motivational speech by Seasone our guest a Zimbabwean born UK based Hip hop artist. She gave a lot of positive insight about how to balance arts with school, with work and with family chores. She illustrated on the issues of being committed, resilient and hardworking.

The Artist/Motivator gave a long narrative of her life. She started her art and her singing during her school days at Queen Elizabeth high school in Harare. Her art is more based on childrights and she believes in meaning, purpose and a positive attitude. Participants at the seminar were quite touched this was realised during the brainstorming session and the comments they gave after the seminar. Seasone aka Pamela Mandaza is leaving for the United Kingdom after a 2 week stay in Zimbabwe. Underneath are participants comments. Present at the seminar is our reknowned theatre practitioner Pretty Xaba.

Rue Chikomabera-" i have learnt that in life you need to have courage and perseverence".

Pretty Xaba-" Keep the fire burning"

Ras Munyaradzi- "it all begins when those with passion to forward what pains of history could not steal. Art. assemble for a vision"

Simbarashe Gande -" the seminar was an eyeopener although i was a bit disapointed by the absence of the girlchild"

Vokal -"it has been an insightful session and have learnt a lot ,making useful contact along the way"

Mwana Afrika-"so insightful and inspiring'

Amanda Ranganawa- "it was very motivating and inspiring forum.Her presence made realise that i can achieve anything if i go for it"

Evonne Muchaya -"the seminar was so encouraging and we learned that even if you suffer pain and shame but your spirit wont be conquered so for us to prosper"

These were the wonderful coments by the participants at the seminar by our wonder Hip hop singer.

GirlchildCreativity continues giving you series of seminars to motivate the Girlchild in areas of creativity and talent development.

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