Friday, 14 December 2012

Mokador Cultural Fiesta Dec 15

The event is presented by Spoke-N-Heard and GirlchildCreativity.
Celebrating culture and diversity through poetry, music and dance with Momo, DBLOK, Rutendo Machiridza, Savana Afros, So Profound, Vokal and other Amazing female and male artists. In the House will the Zimbabwe Poets for human rights, Mbiravolution  Exhibition. We are celebrating our cultural food, music, poetry and mbira as the year braces to the end.

We have an amazing African menu - madora, matemba, mufushwa, derere, chimukuyu nedovi, traditional beer. So come and enjoy such a delicacy.
Program /Mokador Cultural Fiesta

5pm- Arrival of Guests, Patrons of Mokador and Artists

5.30- Artists Briefing and Program distribution by Organizers

5.35- Welcome Remarks by Mokado Team / Hosts and Venue managers

5.45- Brief background of the program by Vokal[ Event Coordinator] and Mbizo [Marketing and Networking Adviser

6.00 pm-630pm Opening Act - Mhofu Mbira group
6.30 -640- Momo poet
6.40-6.50- tsitsi poet
6.50-7.00pm- Darius Poet

Dj break Zim afro-pop music

7.00pm- 715pm- Rutendo Machiridza/Mbira
7.15-7.25- Umind Poet
7.25- 7.35-Unique poet
7.35-7.45- Soprofund

Dj break - Zimbabwean cultural music
7.45- 8.00pm- Brenda-Rnb/Soul music
Flowchild- Poetry
8.00pm- 8.10pm-Tamsen Masike Poet
8.10pm- 8.25- Dblok-
8.25- 8.35 - Dmitri Kwenda

Dj break - Zimbabwean Music

8.35- 8.45- Vokal da Poet

Closing - Mhofu Mbira Organising Team

Vokal da Poet/Event Coordinator - the young man and the rising poet who is putting the artistic side and logistics together,. He bagan his performing career in 2003 with MWAPO ARTS and group he co-founded with the Chikwata 263 member Hector Rufaro Mugani, a prolific young poet who asserted a stamp on the minds of poetry connoiseurs and fellow poets between 2011 and 2012. He is a slam poet of note and a finalist at PAIF poetry challenge and Mlomo wako in Harare and Bulawayo respectively.
Mbizo Chirasha- Marketing and networking Advisor of the Fiesta - He is a poet, creative projects specialist, the Founder and Creative Director of GirlchildCreativity Projects.

Mokador Management/Hosts and Venue Sponsors - the Venue is a cafe and a restaurant between first street and sam nujoma/former second street and it is found in the road Nelson Mandela.

Event- Cultural music, poetry, African foods, Mbiravolution exhibition, dance and other activities.


Mbizo Chirasha - Partnering organizer / Networking Consultant for the Fiesta
call+263 734 332 309

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