Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Writers Contest for Urban Schools

 by Mbizo Chirasha- Project Team Member

In a bide to  identify , motivate ,promote and develop talent GirlchildCreativity Project  a grassroots literacy and creativity  promotion organization and   one  professional ,independent college ILSA college  have  come together to host  a serious  of programmes  in the promotion of creativity and  literacy in colleges ,high schools and other academic institution.

One such project is the Urban Colleges Writers Prize. The project is taking off with Colleges ,Schools, Media and Cooperate governance familiarization seminar , the seminar will outline the process and the progress of the project up to the day of the Awards Night.

Organizers of the event are confident that  the events leading to the finalization of the contest  will be successful.Negotiations are being held between the organizers and the Cooperate organizations for issues of funding the Project processes.

Schools and Colleges invited include  all those from high  and low density suburbs  ,inclusive of those in the CBD.Harare Polytechnic College Mass Communication department have since confirmed its participation and support to the project.

According to the one of the organizers Jayne Mukwedeya of ILSA College, the event is an  eyeopener as it  create and develop a  creative academic generation.

Come the 1st of March , English Teachers , Interact Club Teachers , Arts Teachers , students ,cooperate organizations ,writers and the media  will be converging at  ILSA College in five street near American Embassy in Harare.

Alot of prizes from  books , laptops ,internships and scholarships  as well as cash  money  are expected for the winners of this contest..

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