Monday, 8 April 2013

Jaison Pasadi shown interest in developing Writing Talent.

The name Jaison Pasadi is familiar in areas of empowerment, indiginization, farming and social and economic projects in and around Harare. He have supported a number of areas of livelihood  from farming , the disabled, the talented in sport  and other areas of social concern and  community development. The entrepreneur   burn to realize the development of young people and their interests.

Mr Pasadi have shown again his interest to support the creative writing talent in schools. He has so far joined hands with the project Urban Colleges Writers Prize. The project seeks to identify, motivate and develop creative writing talent in school going generation in Harare and other cities. Mr Pasadi will be sponsoring seminars, media events and other prizes of the Schools/Colleges Writers Contest.
After series of consultative meetings with the project founder and director Mbizo Chirasha. The businessman and renowned politician proved satisfied by the project and  its goals ,especially the  need to develop  creative writing talent  and literacy/readership culture in schools. He has already indicated his will and interest to support this noble project.

Urban colleges’ writers’ prize is a project founded by the GirlchildCreativity and they are working with ILSA College and ILSA is a hosting and coordinating partner.
So far the project have gone a  long way  on its calendar . Since the beginning  of March  the Organizers  have so far  held the familiarization  seminar with schools  and familiarization seminar was followed by a preparatory creative writing workshop for participants so far the organizers will be  hosting the judges induction meeting ,  series of media familiarization , the  grand media launch and the Awards and prize giving night towards the  end of May 2013.

The workshops have been highly supported by  Stationery Box a stationery retail company that is doing a lot of cooperate social responsibilities and have proved their interest  in promoting literacy  and talent development  by supporting GirlChildCreativity since its inception.
The project is taking  its shape by time  and the coordinators of the event are proud to be  working with Mr Jason Pasadi  as its Sponsor.
Mbizo Chirasha
Project Director
Call +263 734 332 309,

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