Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Writers Prize for Colleges Launched.


Mbizo Chirasha, Creative Director of Girl Child Creativity which is running the Urban Colleges Writers Prize in partnership with ILSA

Mrs. Tambo, Principal of ILSA
Girl Child Creativity, in partnership with a private college ILSA, has launched a Urban Colleges Writers Prize to identify, motivate and develop creative talent in schools, colleges and other academic institutions through a contest in essay and other literal writings.
According to Mbizo Chirasha, Creative Director of Girl Child Creativity, about eight Harare colleges have so far confirmed their participation in the contest and attended the Familiarization Seminar held on March 1. 
Of these eight colleges, four managed to attend the Preparatory/Participatory Creative Writing and Orientation Workshop held on March 8 from 10am to 12.30pm at ILSA college, Harare, where rules and regulations of the Prize were unveiled.
Renowned writer Shimmer Chinodya, who facilitated the workshop, said that as new writers, the students needed to understand the importance of memory to their writing.
He urged the students to retrieve their childhood memories and to demonstrate the power of memory, Chinodya read a passage from his book Can We Talk and Other Stories.
The contest has the support of ILSA Principal Mrs. Tambo who said youths should make use of their creative talents.
Creative Director of Girl Child Creativity said that the deadline for submissions is on March 27 and students taking part in the Urban Colleges Writers Prize should pay $5.00 entry/contest fee.
He said the Prize is in three categories, that is, Form 1 to Form 3, Form 4 to Upper Six and tertiary institutions and contestants can either submit poetry, script/drama, short story or essay.
Chirasha also said the prizes include scholarships, internships, laptops, phones, books, educational trips and money.
For more information, contact Mbizo Chirasha on 0734332309 or email urbancollegeswritersprize@gmail.com.
by WIN- Zimbabwe Director
Beaven Tapureta- 

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