Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Defining GirlchildVoices through Artistic Fusion

Girl Child Voices Fiesta 2013 Programme

Introduction and Scope- the project is run coinciding with the 100 Thousand Poets for Change founded by Michael Rothenberg Poet , Critic and Creative Projects Experts in United States. The project is run in more than 40 countries around the world including Zimbabwe . Mbizo Chirasha is the Coordinator of this event in Zimbabwe through GirlchildCreativity Project. The Zimbabwean 100 Thousand Poets for Change is run as GirlchildVoices Fiesta in Zimbabwe every year 28th of September every year.

GirlchildCreativity Project was asked to be part of this program because they are working hard to develop ,motivate and inspire young girls to define their voices , find their space the creative , arts and literary prowess. The Young girls are identified in schools , dropouts , children homes and other youthful communities they are mentored through artistic seminars , close up with their role models and performances programs, check , ,girlchildcreativity project on face book and girlchildcreativity photo stream on for more information and past events.

2013 Theme- Defining Girl Child Voices through Artistic Fusion.-Poetry,storytelling,photography ,mbira and paintings.

Main Objective - to make young girls realize their potentials and use their potential to create positive space and voices for themselves and communities.

Target groups- Young talented girls and boys in Schools.

2013 Implementation Method- 3 orientative , motivational , identification and skills development and inspirational workshops will be held in 3 different schools that include Morgan High , Vainiona High and Budiriro3 and Glen View Primary schools- Mentors of this workshops will include a seasoned photographer, a seasoned female visual artist ,Mbira workshop and storyteller and writer and these seminars will done both in practice and they are participatory and they will be under a video shoot to prepare a visual video mobile exhibition that will be shown on the last official day of the Voices Fiesta. Poems, photographs and artistic works will be selected for an official exhibitions and recitals on the 28th of September . Such will coincide with feedback seminar between students, media and guests to the final event.

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