Saturday, 9 August 2014

Good News Electronic Academic Solutions-Press Release

Press release
The Goodnews Electronic Academic Solutions is a project founded by a young team of Zimbabwean graduates from the esteemed academic institution the University of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is a country endowed with creativity, innovation and academic excellence thus Mr. Tinashe Chikoko and Mr. Samson Mujakwi  who are products of this excellence have initiated and invented an electronic academic solution in all high school academic subjects using recorded DVDs /video lectures, to promote smart, fast and effective learning solutions to enhance the keenness and the willingness to learn in high school students and to complement the ZimAsset value addition cluster through educational solutions and strategies such as electronic and visual learning.

Statistics prove that most students are failing through print and manual classroom lectureship hence visuals can complement such and results might improve and remove the country from mediocrity, redundancy and deficiency of innovation.
The concept of repetitive visual presentations away from classroom conduct might lead to enhanced subject comprehension. We have done a lot of homework before implementing the idea and our market research and experimental sales interventions locally and regionally have brought satisfaction that we can bring this noble and innovative project to the public domain for consumption. This entails you and me or Zimbabwe as a whole that our pass rate will excel through such new academic methods.
This product contains two languages i.e. English and Shona since we believe in the power and style of language use in presenting a visual lecture add value to student capturing and understanding. As founders and technicians of this project we will work with the government through all ministries headed by the ministry of primary and secondary education. We will work with schools, colleges, examiners, media, curriculum developers and other stakeholders to bring this project to fruition.
We believe through the support from the Zimbabwean media this project will yield tangible results that will enhance the national pass rates for high school students. We intend to establish selling points across the country so that the product can be accessible to even the remotest parts of the country.
We believe when we work together we can make this country to become better in terms of academic excellence. For more information, mujakwisam@gmail ,
Call +263 734 63 63 14,+263 734 537 965

T.O.Chikoko and Samson Mujakwi[ Founders]

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