Thursday, 14 August 2014

“Innovate and Educate the Girl Child' by Shannon G Mumu

Like a hungry lion her mouth is open to swallow knowledge,
..lend an ear and hear her pledge!
know her fears nd understand tears essence of hope dwells in her voice.
.understand where she comes from.
.why her mouth is  dry,
.she cries out to you, to innovate and educate her.
.she is desperate..
let not her hope fade..
remind her of what best life could offer.
.do not make her bitter..give her a rope keep fighting,struggling to become her best.
.play your not tear her apart

decide her fate,donot be late..
the future knocks on her door..
like an unexpected visitor.
.success is crawling on the floor.
and will come to her like an intruder,
impregnant her with inspiration..
let not her life wither..
innovate and educate the girl child

Teach her the equation..
give her a question.
.teach her the motion.
.give her the spirit of determination.
. innovation+education=a future..
lighten her path..

Author Profile-Shannon G Mumu
-Schools Literary Ambassador of GirlchildCreativity Project
- Form 3 Student  at Vainona High School in Harare
-Member of Parliament at Junior Parliament,the Republic of Zimbabwe

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