Monday, 29 September 2014

De- Fination!. ..DefiNation!

GirlchildVoices Fiesta/100 Tpc-Zimbabwe 27th September2014.

The Creative /Literary Arts impact   on the 27th of September 2014 was made possible by Chicken Hut Harare, Girlchildcreativity Project, Vision College and participants from   the Arts community, participating colleges that included Good news College, Vision College and  students from Pace College all  from Harare.

Participants were treated from reggae   strings and lyrics from upcoming reggae conscious music Maxwell Katewere- who gave his 3   heart rending songs, touching on the equality of humanity and the need to respect one another. Participants who included vibrant poets  Orator , Nzonze and Mwana Wa Afrika who also  presented   strong   spoken word  artistry and   performance that left   Master Class Creative Lab  in awe  and  salivating  for  more . The Poets inspired with their amount of creativity.

Not to be  outdone was  versatile actor , film maker and creative Artist Dereck Nziyakwi , who brought in  brought in  a  Master Class  Theatre and  Performance   presentation  through unique  games on stage focus ,concentration and coordination.  The Event venue came   down when students were engaged in this serious artistic theatre model that left them well cultivated and motivated.

Young  poets , speakers , writers gave their positive  views on  the for responsible creativity and Mbizo Chirasha  talk about the  link  between  Diet , food tastes and creative/artistic  tastes complimenting the role  Chicken Hut  had played in  this initiative  and program.
 Highly  creative students from  Pace College who included  Pamela Munemo were serious in their presentations of  Performance Poetry and gospel Music  , Pamela  Munemo prove to be the force to reckon  in the  future of  Zimbabwean Poetry  if not Africa- Go Girl Child GO! The sister is confident, versatile, creative and sharp.

   Participants were also  treated to   a mix pot of poetry and acoustics which brought resonance and rhythm to  the whole program. Participants later engaged in serious creative moment   as were   given a very impromptu creative writing session on   the importance of food through short stories and poetry.

Before final closure of the  day Master Class  Participants   got engaged in a panel discussion  with  the presenters  who included  Mwana Wa Afrika , Dereck Nziyakwi , Maxwell Katewere , The Orator and  Edward Nzonze.

The poems and stories will be judged with the help of poets, writers, Chicken hut and the GirlchldCreativity Project .
The 27th of September   Poetry/Literary Arts Impact will be followed a  serious motivational , literacy project   dubbed Schools  Research and Public Speaking Seminar  that also compliments the  100 Thousand Poets for change  , a program coordinated by GirlchildCreativity Project in Zimbabwe . The public Speaking seminar will see participants researching on various topics    transcending from political  , social  ,  creative ,  historical , geographical  areas and then present them before  adjudicators  who have vast knowledge on the  researched  subject matters.
In Mid October   the judged  stories  , poetry and speeches will be awarded prizes   through an Award  Ceremony that will be graced by schools , Media and business as well  creative arts activists.

            By Mbizo Chirasha, Curator of GirlchildVoices Fiesta and Zimbabwe Resident Coordinator/100TPC-global

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