Friday, 26 September 2014

GirlchilDVoices Fiesta-100TPC- global/Chicken Hut Creative-Literary Arts Impact 2014

Main Event- 27th September 2014

Mwana Wa Afrika-
A versatile poet, won prizes in various poetry slams in Harare, one of the founding members of Zimbabwe Defence Poets. A graduate of International Relations Studies at the Great Zimbabwe. He will be reciting his poetry and give an inspirational   talk about his writing .He is more concerned about African culture, identity and other.

The Orator- a mesmerizing shone poet. He is a trendsetter of this generation   through shone lyrical prowess.
The poet is a contender in the oncoming finals of the Star Brite project 2014. He is fast growing in his performances and writings. He will be performing his heart rending shona poetry

Edward Nzonze-  a  Teacher  , a lyricist , a determined artist . He is a published poet, recently published in an anthology by Diaspora Publishers in the UK. Nzonze is also a vibrant Slam poet  and a strong member of Zimbabwe Poets for Human rights.

Derek Nziyakwi- a renowned stand up theatre artist, filmmaker. The Artist worked   strongly in many films and productions.
He once with Edzai Isu Arts Project as a widely known Theory X. He will be giving insights on theatre and its role in community and girl child development.

Maxwell Kataware- Upcoming Reggae Musician. He is a serious Member of Bocapa Exposure. He sings   heartrending conscious and culture Music. Maxwell is a graduate of Economics from the University of Zimbabwe.
He will inspire with his Acoustic guitar and inspire participants with resonating lyrics and reggae conscious voice.

Chenjerayi Mazambani/Vasadza-  a strong  and resilient  shone lyricist . Most of his poems are published in  Shona Collections and he has graced a number state functions and events. He will talk about the importance of using indigenous languages in expressing ourselves   as well  in communicating our Art.
Wanisayi Chigwendere-
an amazing film maker, actor, scholar and writer.  The sister has organized a number of Props in most film productions in Zimbabwe. She will inspire children with a Master Class film Talk.
Tinashe Chikoko  - He is an academic Expert , social media  fan , He is a graduate  of  Soil Science from  the University of Zimbabwe.
He is the Co- Founder of Good news International College. He will share on the importance of learning, reading culture and school ethics.

Mbizo Chirasha-Convener of the Event and organizer of the Girl child Voices Fiesta. Will share on the importance of proper and natural  diets  courtesy of Chicken Hut Joina City , children will write  short stories that will be awarded basing on the subject  matter of Diet.

You will be given the Public Speaking   Forum and   Programme on Monday
Compiled  by Mbizo Chirasha- Curator/Coordinator of the GirlChildVoices Fiesta
Resident Coordinator/Zimbabwe-  100Thousand for Change-Global

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